Our History

Williams & White Equipment was founded in 1966 when it developed its first stretcher roll for circular saws. Since then, Williams & White has continued to innovate and advance the saw filing industry.  



Williams & White Equipment became an individual business unit operating under the Williams & White Group of Companies umbrella.


Introduction of automatic saw loading technology for Williams & White top, face and dual side grinders added increased safety and efficiency to the filing room.


CNC technology was incorporated into the knife grinding technology, ensuring the most precise and accurate grinding in the industry.


The Sure-Sharp Knife Grinder was added to the product line, incorporating state of the art technology.


Williams & White introduced the Size Rite Dual Side Grinder for stellite and swedged band saw teeth.


Williams & White’s ‘Saw Blade Tooth Grinder for Saws’ was officially patented.

1990Incorporated full-flood coolant and mist extraction into CNC and Cam-actuated band saw grinders – a first in the industry.

Williams & White’s ‘Apparatus for tensioning and deforming saw blades’ was officially patented.

Continued research in efficient solutions for the filing room resulted in the development of a CNC band saw sharpener.

1987The Dish-O-Matic II Roll System was developed, allowing filers to level in two directions and tension the saw on the stretcher. This technology was revolutionary, eliminating the process of flipping the saw plate
1978Christopher’s son, Conrad Williams, began managing Williams & White.
1976The Chris-O-Matic Gauge Grinder was developed, standardizing all gauge geometry industry-wide.
1972Williams & White introduced its patented Dish-O-Matic system of stretcher rolls for easier saw blade maintenance, enabling simultaneous tensioning and levelling.


Williams & White produced its first band saw bench providing greater accuracy, ease of operation and standardization of design for the sawmilling trade.


The Williams & White Equipment division was introduced to the company, producing equipment for saw mills, sharpening and tool manufacturing shops and machine shops.