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Contact vs. Non-contact Temperature Sensors

Why To Choose Contact Sensors


Contact Sensors

  • Accurate within 0.1°C

  • Rim and eye sensors; Indicates saw blade stiffness. Difference in temperature at the eye and rim of a saw blade causes twisting and dishing, resulting in saw plate damage and cut deviation.

  • Modular bolt on attachment; Easy mounting and dismounting from different saw guides, enabling change over for target size or damaged guides.

  • No modification cost; Minimal saw guide modification and adjustments is needed due to bolt on design

Non-contact Sensors

  • Not accurate; Our research has proven that existence of any substances between the sensor and the measuring surface such as saw dust, oil or water can interfere and compromise accuracy

  • Single sensor; Does not indicate temperature differences between eye and rim

  • Integrated in saw guide; Requires re-machining into new saw guide in case of guide damage

  • High modification cost; Guides and babbitt molds require modification/redesign to accommodate sensors


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