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The vertical spindle grinder is built to endure the harsh conditions of a filing room. The head travel uses linear bearings, resulting in greater accuracy and a longer lifespan. With 6” & 8" options +/-90 degree swivel magnet standard, this is the most versatile machine in knife maintenance. (custom sizes are available upon customer request.)

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HSS Saw Blade Grinders (CNC)

The KNC-710H is an automatic CNC saw grinder for HSS saw blades, friction saw blades and segmental saw blades in both manufacturing and re-sharpening applications.


  • Six kinds of teeth profile grinding function for flexible and efficient operation

  • Heavy-duty performance with CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheel

  • Easy operation & fast application

  • Self-Detection & Modular Control System

  • Tooth+Chamfer Grinding in one setup

  • Auto-Chamfering function

  • Identical Outer Rim Grinding function

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  • Heating inductor coil up/down function

  • Smart camera sensor for capturing different size and shape tips with extreme accuracy and simple setup.

  • Bowl feeder with feedback sensor and vibrator controller

  • Built-in automatic tip removal feature

  • 3 Axis Servo Control.

  • Dual sensor for capturing different size and shape of saw tips.

  • Precise dispensing flux in line or in small dots.

  • Engineered for faster brazing time.

  • Engineered for quick change over to different materials by “one touch setting” in software and mechanical settings.

  • New software with user-friendly touch screen operating controls with icon based command sequences.

  • Eco drive mode turns off the electricity for saving electricity.

  • Intelligent error display showing the reason, position, time and recovered time.

  • Automatic annealing cycle with temperature control and choice of disabling annealing process.

  • Jog speed controller of step motors for precision set up.

  • Saveable large data bank space up to 25 different saw’s parameters.

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  •  Adjustable Saw Turn Around Standard Column & Tube Modular Design, Universal Hand Accommodate All Leveling Slab Sizes at no extra cost size must be specified)  Mount Stretcher & Weld Clamp as Standard

  • SMALL SAWS   16 to 25 ft. [4.87M - 7.62M]

  • MEDIUM SAWS: 25 to 40 ft. [7.62M - 12.20M]

  • Economy Model
    C/w Frame Stretcher Roll: "10E" Model 1 - 4 x 8 x 36 Leveling Slab - "Steel" 1 - extendable Saw Turnaround Manual Inspection Lift Roller Track - Lights (2)

  • Deluxe Model   
    C/w Frame Stretcher Roll - Dish-O-Matic D2, 2 - 4 x 8 x 36 Leveling Slabs - "Ni-Chrome" 2 - Extendable Saw Turnarounds Roller Track - UHMW Air Inspection Lift Welding Clamp Lights (4)

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