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Accurate saw guides improve the performance of your saw mill by increasing lumber recovery and reducing saw deviation; resulting in higher profits. Achieving critical precision is now possible with the Williams & White Guide Dresser. Unmatched speed and durability and a user-friendly interface, the Williams & White Guide Dresser is a must-have for any filing room.

  •  Accurate within+/- . 0002”

  • 3 linear axis CNC

  • User-friendly touch screen interface

  • Up to 20 times faster than manual machines

  • Fits all circular guides


Tension, Run-Out, & 

Circularity Tester 


The Williams & White Tension, Run-Out & Circularity Tester, measures three criteria of circular saw blades;
The flatness of a saw blade, the circularity of a saw blade and the tension of a saw blade.
This equipment helps to accurately inspect a saw blade and ensures the quality of a saw before it is put into use.


  • Heavy duty frame construction

  • Easy operation

  • Constant pneumatic pressure input

  • Smooth and easy saw rotation system

  • Small footprint

Dish-O-Matic Stretcher Roll machine


 Williams & White makes an array of stretcher roll models to fit all of your tensioning and leveling requirements. Stretcher rolls are critical for all saw production & maintenance facilities, eliminating the requirement for all manual benching and hammering of circular and band saws. Incorporated with our patented Dish-O-Matic technology, the Williams & White Stretcher Roll provides consistency and accuracy by allowing tensioning & leveling on a single machine, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your facility.

  • Circular saw & band saw models

  • Heavy-duty C-frame construction

  • High-precision roll placement

  • Patented Dish-O-Matic System

  • Tension & level on the same machine

  • Eliminates heavy saw hammering

  • Circular saw diameters: 36", 72", 108"

  • Band saw widths: 10" & 17"

  • Easy-slide rail system