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SawSense Temperature Monitoring System

Williams and White has partnered with the innovative scientific solutions provider, FPInnovations, to offer a new technology to the sawmill industry.

This PATENTED technology accurately measures, in real time, the performance of the saw when in the cut for both circular and band saws, using two contacted temperature sensors.

The SMARTGuide technology harnesses The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to drive mill operations and efficiency to the forefront of the industry.


  • Reduces oil consumption up to 40%

  • Reduces corrosion and pooling; less moisture in sawdust

  • Rechargeable batteries/up to 20 hours of life between charges

  • 0-80°C temperature range/+/- 0.1°C Accuracy

  • For both circle and band saw systems

  • Can be mounted on any saw guide

  • Two sensors on the eye & rim of a saw ensures optimal saw performance

  • Contact Sensors; non-contact systems are proven to be inaccurate in wet environments. Moisture absorbs IR radiation, affecting the signal

  • Decreases sawing deviation--->Prevents wrecks/unscheduled saw change

  • Rim & eye real time measurement--->Ensures optimal saw performance

  • Higher chip quality--->Higher value

  • Increases mill speed--->Higher profits

  • Alarm notification system--->Reduces saw and guide damage and downtime

  • Identifies performance issues in real time-->Determine or eliminate potential problem areas


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