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The Smart Band Saw Solution


Band Saw-ADDtm integrates force sensors on the leading and trailing edge of the saw blade. This detects twisting forces on the saw blade that will steer it into deviation unless prevented by Saw-ADDtm.
This PATENTED technology, enables you to saw most logs 15% faster with less deviation and without wrecking a saw. It will automatically slow the feed-speed only for the tough ones.


  • Custom made for your guide block

  • Lower guide holder; Top Guide systems can only measure deviation that has already occurred

  • The only anti-deviation system available

  • Software slows feed speed to stop deviation then returns to optimum speed

  • Detects force before deviation occurs; Sensitive to millionths of an inch deflection

  • Enables reducing target size for higher lumber recovery

  • Analog signal provided by Saw-ADDtm; Compatible with your PLC

  • Measurement is zeroed between every log

  • Extremely fast ROI

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