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Williams and White has partnered with the innovative scientific solutions provider, FPInnovations, to offer new and exciting technology to the sawmill industry.  Williams and White SMARTGuides, powered by the SAWSense performance monitoring system accurately measures, in real time, the performance of the saw when in the cut for both circular and band saws.  This patented technology provides real-time feedback of saw performance, enabling the mill to monitor the effect of varying sawing parameters.  Real-time feedback on saw performance will reduce your operating costs and increase your mill profits.


  • Reduces oil usage by up to 40% (major cost savings)

  • Reduces corrosion and pooling; less moisture in sawdust

  • Increases mill speeds, resulting in higher profits through increased production

  • Predicts saw performance issues

  • Higher chip quality

  • Reduces unscheduled saw changes

  • Improves the efficiency of your guide lubrication system by monitoring the temperature and

             performance of your saws in  real-time

Williams and White SMARTGuides with the SAWSense Saw Monitoring System harnesses Williams and White’s proprietary cloud based software to monitor your saw health. This enables real-time analytics and alerts, available anytime and anywhere. The SMARTGuide technology harnesses The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to drive mill operations and efficiency to the forefront of the industry. 


This system is completely modular and can be integrated into any existing saw box.  It can be used for both circular and band saw sawing systems. Run faster and have less down time with Williams and White’s SMARTGuides.

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