The Accusharp TFH-CE is a fully enclosed Automatic Top and Face grinding machine.


This grinder is easy to use and will increase productivity in any saw shop or saw mill operation. The automatic operation will allow the operator to continue his/her work as the machine sharpens the saws. Simple hydraulic operation allows for minimal downtime for training and easy saw setup.   Precision, dependability and the Williams and White performance guarantee makes the TFH-CE Series II the number one choice for automatic Top and Face Grinding.

  • Automatic operation.

  • Hydraulic wheel lift off.

  • Back to back top/face wheels.

  • 8-42" (203-1066mm) saw diameter.

  • ISI intelligent feed finger system.

  • Hydraulic controlled grinding system

  • linear bearing slides.

  • ISI intelligent feed finger system

  • hydraulic clamping

  • Separate Water tank.

  • Tooth counter control.

Equipment Landscape Dark.png

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