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Pinch Peel Tool Grinder PRX


TP-4 is a 4-axis CNC precision cylindrical grinder with
roughing and finishing axes as well as an ideal machine for
grinding cylindrical materials of cutting tools and form
punches. The equipment serves as a bridge between a
centerless grinder and a 5-axis tool grinder.
According to ISO230-2 and GB standards, the repeated
positioning accuracy R is 2 μm, and the positioning accuracy
A is 4 μm.
With V-Blocks and rotary wheels with compensation of a
temperature control system, the dimension accuracy of
continuous production can be set to 0.004 mm; the
concentricity can be set to less than 0.003 mm; the total
length of a rod material is 330mm; the diameter is between
0.1 to 16 mm; and the ratio of length to diameter is 350 to 1 in

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