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  • 5 Axis Servo Control.

  • Smart camera for capturing different sizes and shapes of saw tips.

  • Precise dispensing flux in line or in small dots.

  • Faster brazing time.

  • Engineered for quick change over to different materials by one touch setting in software and mechanical settings.

  • New software with user-friendly touch screen operating controls with icon based command sequences.

  • ECO drive mode turns off the electricity and the compressed air for saving electricity.

  • Intelligent error display showing the reason, position, time and recovered time.

  • Remote maintenance via network interface.

  • Fixed Tip centering system of the saw body and the saw tip.

  • FET type semi conductor generator equipped with digital IR pyrometer and controller for heat control.

  • Automatic annealing cycle with temperature control and choice of disabling annealing process.

  • Jog speed controller of servo motors for precision set up.

  • Saveable large data bank space up to 75 different saw’s parameters.

  • Capable of using vacuum pads or electromagnets for loading system.

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