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KNC-560-1 - NOK.png

HSS Saw Blade Grinders (CNC)

KNC-560H & KNC-710H 


The KNC-560H and KNC-710H are automatic CNC saw grinders for HSS saw blades, friction saw blades and segmental saw blades in both manufacturing and re-sharpening applications.


  • Six kinds of teeth profile grinding function for flexible and efficient operation

  • Heavy-duty performance with CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheel

  • Easy operation & fast application

  • Self-Detection & Modular Control System

  • Tooth+Chamfer Grinding in one setup

  • Auto-Chamfering function

  • Identical Outer Rim Grinding function


Machine Models:

  • KNC-560H

  • KNC-710H

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