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The Smart Arbor Round Saw Solution


Round Saw-ADDtm is a patent pending integration of force sensors on the saw arbor, measuring the radial forces on the round saw blades from the tooth cut and the guide friction.
This enables average feed speed increases up to 18% while automatically slowing only when necessary to preemptively reduce deviation, saw damage and stuck cants.


  • Saw-ADD is The only anti-deviation system available

  • Software slows feed speed to stop deviation then returns to optimum speed

  • Sensitive to radial forces half second before arbor current ; Slows feed speed to prevent deviation or damage

  • Enables reducing target size for higher lumber recovery

  • Extremely fast ROI

  • Analog signal provided by Saw-ADD; Compatible with your PLC

  • Measurement is zeroed between every cant

  • HMI displays provide indication and adjustment for maximum saw and machine performance

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